Topic: Blank White page (even on the index.html generated by SV)


I was using the free version of SV to create a gallery which was working fine. However, after some time (within the same day) the gallery stopped appearing within the page. I bought the Pro version (thinking/hoping that would solve the problem) and that did not help. Every time I open the page where I have embedded the code nothing displays. I have played with the size of the viewer and nothing changed. I then went to the index.html page generated when the gallery is initially published and that page is blank also (without any design/additional alterations).

Any suggestions as to why I am encountering this problem and how to solve it would be greatly appreciated!

(I have not posted any files yet to be viewed publicly as I can't even solve the problem on the remote level)


Re: Blank White page (even on the index.html generated by SV)

If the gallery worked fine for a while and then did not, then something must have changed to make it fail.
Did you change anything (e.g. modify and gallery files or install any browser extensions) which might have caused the problem?

If you are seeing a blank area where the gallery should be, then please see this FAQ in case it helps:
When I view my gallery online, I see a blank area. Why?
If you are seeing a completely blank page (even the non-gallery content on your page does not show up), then it sounds like either the page itself is completely blank or something in your browser is preventing it from being displayed.
Try clearing your browser's cache before reloading your page to see if this makes a difference.
Also, try viewing your page in a different browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer).

In order to help further, I would really need to see the web page you are referring to so if you continue to experience difficulties, please upload your gallery and post the URL so that I can take a look.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Blank White page (even on the index.html generated by SV)

Here is the link:
(This is the index page generated by SV)

I already tried everything you suggested - it shows up this way in multiple browsers.

Re: Blank White page (even on the index.html generated by SV)

Your gallery displays fine when I view it in Firefox, Chrome, IE10 and Safari on my PC (both with and without Adobe Flash Player enabled).
If you see only a blank page, then the problem would appear to be with either your internet connection or your browser.
If the problem happens when you view the gallery locally from your computer's hard drive as well as from your web server, then we can rule out your internet connection being a factor and the problem would appear to be with your browser.

If you have already tried using different browsers, clearing their caches and ensuring that no third-party extensions are active, then the only other thing I can think of is that perhaps you have JavaScript disabled.
SimpleViewer requires that JavaScript is enabled in the user's browser. Without JavaScript, neither the Flash Player nor the Mobile Player will be able to be displayed.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team