Topic: Keyboard Use - Button for Activate Link

I plan to use tilviewer as a selector to run other flash games on my site, using thumbnails and description on the panels.
I need it to the keyboard controlled for an arcade unit I'm building with a button to keyboard emulator as the controller.

So I need a keyboard button (Ideally enter or shift) to activate the link on the panel, even when the panel is unflipped.

Is that possible?

Also is it possible to The F button (flip) on the keyboard to be control (less important)

Re: Keyboard Use - Button for Activate Link

There is no keyboard control to open the link on the flipside of an image (whether the image is flipped or not) and TiltViewer-Pro does not come with source code so can be configured only using the options listed on this web page.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team