Topic: WP-Touch and SimpleViewer Pro: Galleries will not show on mobile

Various people have not been able to see my photogalleries on the website. I thought at first it was a 3G problem (heavily researched) but I have the same problem on wireless connections.

The desktop theme displays fine. The mobile theme does not display a gallery at all.

If I turn off WP-Touch "restricted mode," the galleries are visible.

Is this a WP-Touch issue, from "restricted mode" refusing to allow SimpleViewer's Javascript? I can always turn off the restriction, but I'm just trying to understand the conflict.

Thank you.

Re: WP-Touch and SimpleViewer Pro: Galleries will not show on mobile

If you hover over the 'Enable WPtouch Restricted Mode' help icon, the following description is displayed:

Disallow other plugins from loading scripts into WPtouch's header and footer.

This implies that when the 'Enable WPtouch Restricted Mode' checkbox is selected, the 'simpleviewer.js' script (which is usually loaded into the <head> section of the web page using the WordPress wp_enqueue_script() function), will not be loaded, resulting in the gallery not being displayed.

A workaround for this (other than to simply deselect WPtouch's 'Restricted Mode') would be to create a gallery outside of WP-SimpleViewer and manually embed the gallery into you WordPress page or post using the baseURL method of embedding (documented here) which would result in the 'simpleviewer.js' script being loaded into the <body> section of the page (instead of the <head> section).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team