Topic: galleries not displaying correctly in Google Chrome?

Steven -  while I've got you:  two sites where I use tiltviewer pro are no longer displaying correctly in Google Chrome but are fine in IE7/8/9 (I think) and certainly Firefox 25.  One site is the one you have just helped me to sort out the galleries for,  and another is a classic car club site.  Both have been fine up to now and only recently started getting complaints from users about the displays.  The links below should take you to a gallery on each site: … s-gallery/

I did have a quick search but didn't find anything relevant..



Re: galleries not displaying correctly in Google Chrome?

galleries not displaying correctly in Google Chrome?

What exactly is the problem? Is there a blank area where the gallery should be or is an error message displayed?
Perhaps the troubleshooting FAQs will help.

I have viewed your galleries in Chrome 31 on my PC and they both display and function correctly.

Visitors to your web site should check that Adobe Flash Player is installed (by visiting this web page) and enabled (by following the instructions on this web page) in their Chrome browsers.

A couple of other things that you could try are:
(1) Make sure that all your galleries use the current version of TiltViewer-Pro (v1.3.2). (I notice that one of your galleries uses an older version.)
(2) Check your web pages for HTML errors with the W3C Markup Validation Service and fix any errors reported.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team