Topic: [SOLVED] Pro version in Wordpress

I use the pro version on a lot of pages on this website.  (example)
If you look in the menu 'beelden"  and "schilderijen" you find different pages using the viewer pro version.
If I try to use the same settings in wordpress
Then I see only a small (bottom) part of the viewerpage.
Probably i do something wrong but no idea what.
I found different topics on this site about viewer and wordpress biut not the problem i have.
Can you help?

Re: [SOLVED] Pro version in Wordpress

This is likely to be caused by your gallery having a height of 100%.
Try setting your gallery's height to a fixed pixel value (such as 600px) instead.

When using a percentage height, the gallery's parent container must have a height specified via CSS (so that SimpleViewer can work out what the gallery's own height should be, ie. 100% of what?).
However, in a WordPress environment, the theme will control the layout of the page and you may have little or no control over the dimensions of parent containers. Setting the gallery's height to a fixed pixel value should solve the problem.

This FAQ describes a similar scenario:
My gallery does not show in Firefox or gets cropped to a small height. Why?

Also, when using a percentage height, it may be necessary to implement the suggestion noted in the 'Using Percentage Heights' section here.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: [SOLVED] Pro version in Wordpress

Thank you. Problem fixed.