Topic: [SOLVED] Spaces within Caption

Is it possible to include spaces within the Caption

So that I could have :


instead of:



Re: [SOLVED] Spaces within Caption

The Flash Player can handle a caption such as TITLE   DATE   MEDIUM but the Mobile Player treats all contiguous whitespace as a single space.
The solution for both the FLash Player and the Mobile Player is to use non-breaking spaces ( ) within CDATA tags, for example:


If entering your caption via svBuilder-Pro, you can enter a caption such as TITLE&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;DATE&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;MEDIUM. svBuilder-Pro will automatically include the CDATA tags for you.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: [SOLVED] Spaces within Caption

Thanks Steven,

I ended entering in the caption field

<pre>Title    Date  Medium</pre>

this works and the <pre></pre> aren't visible

again thanks