Topic: How to add gallery on ebay??

Hello all , 

I bought svmanager and JuicePro primarily for use with ebay (I been very stupid I didn't check if they could work with ) so now I'm facing this problem I'm trying to figure out how to add gallery on ebay without using Iframe( ebay doesn't allow iframe ),someone could please give some suggestions...I am searching all around but seems I cannot find the right solution :-(


Re: How to add gallery on ebay??

It is not possible to compress a SimpleViewer or Juicebox gallery into a single document and, according to this web page:

You can't use HTML or JavaScript that:
Calls remote scripts and pages automatically, such as JavaScript "includes" or "iframes."

Therefore, unfortunately, it is not possible to include a fully-functional SimpleViewer or Juicebox gallery in an eBay listing.
The only way I can think of which might allow you to embed a SimpleViewer gallery in an eBay listing would be to embed only the 'simpleviewer.swf' file from a SimpleViewer gallery directly in the eBay page using <object> <embed> tags.
In doing this, your SimpleViewer gallery would no longer feature Universal Playback.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: How to add gallery on ebay??

Hello Steven ,

thank you for the suggestion :-) I finally come out with this solution and seems working properly on ebay , I post it so can be useful to some others :

<object type="text/html" data="http://MY WEBSITE /mygallery/g2/" style="width:100%; height:100% " scrolling="no">

Re: How to add gallery on ebay??

Thanks Steven & stefanoste, I just did this on a scheduled eBay listing and it worked beautifully.

However lots of people use the app version of eBay now and Apple products do not support Adobe Flash, meaning anyone trying to view the gallery on their app would not be able to.

Is there a way of the page detecting a non-Flash device and showing a simple list of the html images instead? I have seen a couple of javascript ones around the internet but eBay does not allow javascript.

Hope this makes sense!

Re: How to add gallery on ebay??


It may be possible to detect Adobe Flash Player without using JavaScript by creating a Flash sniffer following the instructions here.
However, the instructions are out of date (they refer to Flash 4 Player) and the method involves redirecting the user's browser to a non-Flash page if Adobe Flash Player is not detected (which is not what you want to do).

I think that trying to achieve your goal may turn out to be hugely complex (if at all possible), especially with the restrictions that ebay imposes.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team