Topic: light plugin question

I have installed Lightroom 4 and it has a couple of automatic gallery generators and one seems to be simpleviewer. So I am not clear that if I download the latest Simplever v2.3.1 whether, or not, it will load as a plugin to Lightroom 4, or as a separate stand alone product.
Can someone please help me understand this. My quest is to develope a simple gallery that can go into my web site.
Thank You.

Re: light plugin question

The SimpleViewer web engine which comes bundled with Adobe Lightroom (named 'Airtight SimpleViewer') uses an older version of SimpleViewer which does not support Universal Playback.
I would recommend downloading and installing TTG SimpleViewer which uses the current version of SimpleViewer (v2.3.1).
TTG SimpleViewer can be downloaded from this web page.
Instructions for upgrading TTG SimpleViewer from SimpleViewer-Standard to SimpleViewer-Pro can be found here.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team