Topic: Question regarding svBuilder-Pro / svBuilder [SOLVED]

Dear SV Forum,

I have purchased my SimpleViewer software as a Pro package and, after not having worked with it for a while, wanted to create a gallery today. I had to re-read some user manuals to figure everything out. Following the instructions on this page, I discovered that I do not have a file called svBuilder-Pro and that the interface of my svBuilder does not correspond with the one in the tutorial. I have to generate my gallery in Photoshop and then edit it in the svBuilder, while the aforementioned interface seems to both generate and edit albums.

Please advice.

Re: Question regarding svBuilder-Pro / svBuilder [SOLVED]

Dear SV Forum,

I have this issue solved myself, by following the instructions on THIS page, which describes the upgrade policy and explains exactly what to do to obtain the newest version number.

I still had my original download link in my e-mail and have followed the twitter of SimpleViewer now, so I will be up to date with version updates.

If you have the same issue and lost your download link, fill out THIS form to request a new link.

This one is solved moderator :)



Re: Question regarding svBuilder-Pro / svBuilder [SOLVED]

I am glad that you have been able to resolve your problem.
Thank you for taking the time to post relevant links which might help others reading your first post and experiencing the same problem.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team