Topic: Simpleviewer effecting nav bar & widgets

It seems that Simpleviewer Pro is stopping the text appearing in my wordpress navigation bar. It seems to have started doing this since I added some shortcodes in the pro options. I have purchased 2 copies and on one site the nav bar doesnt show text unless you go to another page and return to the same page. On the other wordpress site a widget now doesnt show its text on the page with the simpleviewer unless you follow the same procedure.

The shortcodes I use are:


The site the widget issue is on is:

The navigation problem shows here: … ing-books/

They are both separate sites with separate purchases and installations of simpleviewer. Both are using the wordpress plugin.

Any ideas?

Re: Simpleviewer effecting nav bar & widgets

I have viewed both your web pages, have navigated away from them (using links within your pages) and have then returned to the pages and they look the same to me (but I am not sure exactly what I am looking for).
Could you perhaps upload some annotated screenshots somewhere so that I can see exactly what the problem is? (I do not know what text or widget you are referring to.)

It seems to have started doing this since I added some shortcodes in the pro options.

Adding Pro Options (essentially just adding a few Flash parameters) should not interfere with text elsewhere on your page or a widget. The code is completely unconnected and it seems illogical.
I think there may be some other cause of your problem.

Try temporarily removing the SimpleViewer gallery from your web page to see if this makes a difference.

Your web pages currently take quite a long time to load for me at the moment so perhaps your web server is currently experiencing some difficulties. Check with your web host to see if they have recently been having any problems which might result in your web pages becoming unstable. (Perhaps the loading of a widget's content from an external source is somehow timing out, resulting in it not displaying correctly.)

Also, try fixing the HTML errors on your pages to see if this helps.
You can validate the code on your web pages with the W3C Markup Validation Service.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Simpleviewer effecting nav bar & widgets

Thank you for your reply. It seems that it's not Simpleviewer causing this. Can't find what it is bvut we did observe it on another site that isnt ours so maybe it is our browser or our flash. Really pleased it isn't Simpleviewer as it's by far the best photo gallery and I love it!

Re: Simpleviewer effecting nav bar & widgets

Thank you for posting back to let me know that SimpleViewer is not the cause of your problem.

If there is a conflict between your current theme and a plugin, then you might be able to find the plugin causing the issue by disabling all plugins and then reinstating them, one-by-one, until you see the error appear.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team