Topic: [Error] Notice: Undefined variable

Hi all. There is a problem with my new site.

When I took the site from offline to online, these two errors have appeared on the page of the gallery:

Notice: Undefined variable: language_code in /home2/papegn/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-simpleviewer/wp-simpleviewer.php on line 246

Notice: Undefined variable: seo_content in /home2/papegn/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-simpleviewer/wp-simpleviewer.php on line 251

What causes?
Can i fix it?

Thanks in advance for the answers.

Re: [Error] Notice: Undefined variable

These two PHP notices occur only when WordPress is run in debug mode.
If you set the WP_DEBUG PHP constant to 'false' (its default value), the notices will not be displayed and the plugin will function fine.
Please see this WordPress Codex page for more details on WP_DEBUG.

This issue has already been addressed and will be fixed in the next version of WP-SimpleViewer which should be released soon (being packaged with the latest version of SimpleViewer-Standard which has just been released to fix an Flickr issue).

If you would like to implement the fix manually before the next version is released, you can open the plugin's 'wp-simpleviewer' file in a plain text editor and:
(1) Delete line 246 (the line with the 'language_code' entry).
(2) Replace line 251 (the line with the seo_content' entry) with the following:

$string_builder .= '<div id="sv-container-' . $gallery_id . '"></div>' . PHP_EOL;
Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team