Topic: Large space below embeded simplviewer [SOLVED]


I can't seem to figure out what's wrong. I embedded simpleviewer in an HTML page (see link below) , no padding around simpleviewer. Yet there's a large empty space below simpleviewer. Does any one have suggestions?

Re: Large space below embeded simplviewer [SOLVED]

Please see the Layout Troubleshooting section of the SimpleViewer-Pro Layout Guide which deals with the query "I have extra spacing in my gallery. How do I get rid of it?" and has several suggestions which may help.

Also, having had a look at your gallery's configuration options, try reducing the captionHeight from its current value of 100 to something smaller. It looks like your captions do not need the full 100px height allocated.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Large space below embeded simplviewer [SOLVED]

Thanks so much!  It turns out that I had to change the embed percentage from "100%", "80%"  to  "60%", "45%"

I always thought those changed the physical size of the embedded image, but now it works great, no blank space between the html and SimpleViewer! 

The Simpleviewer "layout troubleshooting" page you sent me to was very good too.  Thank you!