Topic: Include titles and information from Flickr [SOLVED]


I have installed WP-Simpleviewer (and got it working with the new version... I got the "flickr user not found" error to begin with). You can see it here:

The album this is coming from on Flickr is here: … 577831434/

(I made sure all the photos in the album had the same tag).

Now... the point of these photos is that they're photographs of old headstones in a churchyard, and in Flickr, they come with a title, giving the surname/s on the stone, and in the box below a complete transcription of what I was able to read.

Is there any way to include this in the gallery on my site? I tried a similar thingy called "Flickr sideshow" and decided not to use it because there's no titles or info coming over from Flickr with the photos, but is WP-Simpleviewer the same thing?

I've got an old version of my website which uses the method whereby photos are stored in my website files, and that displays the captions well: … pleViewer/

You'll notice the strange page layout - for some reason, if I had the gallery at the top without lots of <br> it was about 2cm high! So another reason to use the automatic feed in from Flickr method.

However, as I want the photos on Flickr as well, I thought it would save time to host the photos on Flickr, then channel them through using WP-Simpleviewer (it's a lot of work adding all those titles and captions - I'd rather not duplicate my work).

But is this not possible?

Re: Include titles and information from Flickr [SOLVED]

WP-SimpleViewer will display Flickr Titles and Flickr Descriptions as the image captions and, as you are currently using the COMPACT Gallery Style, the captions are overlaid on top of the main images when you hover over the main images.
If you want your gallery to look more like your … pleViewer/ gallery (with the captions displayed below the thumbnails), then set the Gallery Style to MODERN.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Include titles and information from Flickr [SOLVED]

Oh that's brilliant - thank you! :)

Really pleased with Simple Viewer. It's... well... simple!