Topic: Gallery not showing as set up

Hi Steven
I've made quite a few galleries before and never had something like this...When I get a new gallery set to my satisfaction and save it, the preview looks completely different. I've tried a bunch of different things like starting from scratch, using previously saved galleries, etc, but when I upload the files or even preview it in a local browser the gallery is completely different (and not always the same).

Here is what I'm currently trying to do:

Here is what I'm getting:

I finally found a way to get it to work: ( ) but it seems to only work if I show the thumbnails. When I try to turn thumbnails off, I get some weird results.

Thank you for your time

Re: Gallery not showing as set up

The gallery in your 'get.jpg' image looks like it might be displayed by the Mobile Player rather than the Flash Player. (The Mobile Player supports fewer configuration options than the Flash Player.)
Make sure that your browser has Adobe Flash Player installed and enabled. Try uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe Flash Player in your browser to see if this helps.

Also, try removing the galleryStyle configuration option from your gallery's XML file.
This option was designed for SimpleViewer-Standard (the free version) to change the style of the gallery by internally setting certain other options which are otherwise only available in SimpleViewer-Pro. With SimpleViewer-Pro, you can remove galleryStyle and set whichever individual options are necessary.

Hopefully one of the suggestions above will help.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Gallery not showing as set up

Thank you Steven, I enabled Flash Player and it works like I want it to look on a browser.

For fun I went into my XML file to remove the galleryStyle config but it wasn't there (or I didn't see it). No worries, just wanted to mention it.

Thank you!

Re: Gallery not showing as set up

I'm glad to hear that enabling Adobe Flash Player has solved your problem.

I only mentioned galleryStyle as I saw it in your gallery's XML file (it's not there now) and thought that it might have been contributing to your problem. (It was an unlikely cause of the problem but removing it would have been a quick and easy thing to try.)

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team