Topic: Using 'Pro Options Box' in Wordpress plugin to get Pro Styles

Hi Steven,

I have been using Simpleviewer Pro for a long time with an HTML site, I recently converted to using a Wordpress site. I have adjusted my site to the point that I have Simpleviewer Pro available (I no longer see the Simpleviewer Tag in the corner of the gallery) but now I am trying to make the gallery more apealing using my pro options.

Essentially I have done everything on this page: … pleviewer/

I run into questions on the subtopic: Upgrading to SimpleViewer-Pro on the #4.

I followed the support link to this page: … tions.html

And I don't understand what I am supposed to do inside the 'Pro-Options' text box.

Here is my current site as it shows a gallery.
I want to affix my Simpleviewer Pro styles to that gallery and don't know how. Can you help?


Re: Using 'Pro Options Box' in Wordpress plugin to get Pro Styles

Pro Options should be entered as text in the Pro Options text area, one per line, in the form optionName="optionValue".
For example, you could enter (paste or type) something like the following into the Pro Options text area:


I hope this helps.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team