Topic: Unable to view photos in website.

Hello sir, I embedded a tiltviewer gallery in my webpage here: But as you can see they fly away. But I'm able to see on my browser if I directly open the html file. Please help me out of this.

Re: Unable to view photos in website.

Your images have uppercase .JPG file extensions but the references to them in your gallery's XML file use lowercase .jpg file extensions.
Change the file extensions in your 'gallery.xml' file to uppercase .JPG, e.g.:

<photo imageurl="imgs/Shop/DSC_6101.jpg">

... to:

<photo imageurl="imgs/Shop/DSC_6101.JPG">

... and your images should display in your gallery.
(The gallery displays OK locally as your computer is not case-sensitive but your web server is.)

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team