Topic: Simpleviewer Branding after Upgrade [SOLVED]

I have just updated the Simpleviewer Wordpress Plugin and although I am pro the Simpleviewer branding has returned on the galleries. How can I remove that?

Re: Simpleviewer Branding after Upgrade [SOLVED]

When you upgrade WP-SimpleViewer, your Pro 'svcore' folder would have been replaced with the Standard 'svcore' folder which comes bundled with the plugin.
Just swap the Standard 'svcore' folder with the Pro version from your SimpleViewer-Pro download zip package (following the instructions here) and all your galleries will be Pro again.

Incidentally, as of v2.3.2.2, if you update WP-SimpleViewer through the WordPress Dashboard's 'Plugins' page (rather than replacing the WP-SimpleViewer folder manually), then the Pro 'svcore' folder should no longer be replaced by the Standard version.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Simpleviewer Branding after Upgrade [SOLVED]

Problem solved!