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Thank you for the suggestion.

The nearest thing at the moment would be to set showOpenButton="TRUE" to display the Open Image button on the gallery's Button Bar. When the user clicks the Open Image button, the current image would be displayed on its own in a new tab where the user could view it in greater detail.

The Open Image button normally opens the corresponding imageURL but if the image has been assigned a linkURL, then this will be opened instead.
Therefore, you could have a high resolution set of images and point towards them using the linkURLs.
linkURLs can be set on SimpleViewer-Pro's 'Images' tab.

I realise that this is not the same functionality as your suggestion but it might be a suitable alternative in the meantime.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Post Feedback and Feature Requests Here!

Simple Viewer Team

Great Product! Please update the internal jQuery version in Simpleviewer, this would make it so much easier.  Even when I update jQuery in my webpage security scans still tag this as a medium vulnerability due to the photo gallery (simpleviewer) we're using.