Topic: unable to install simpleviewer pro

hi there,

I was using the basic simpleviewer pro earlier today and decided to upgrade and get the pro version.

after doing so, once I unzipped the file and tried to install the builder, it is unresponsive during the install.

I tried uninstalling the previous version and pro version, restarting my machine and then installing the pro version but I am still unsuccessful with the same issue.

any help would be much appreciated.


Re: unable to install simpleviewer pro

You can install and run svBuilder alongside svBuilder-Pro on the same computer so, ordinarily, it should not be necessary to uninstall svBuilder before installing svBuilder-Pro.

If you were able to extract the zip file without any errors, then it is unlikely that the 'svBuilder-Pro.air' installation file is corrupt.
If you want to check that the file is OK, then it should have the following properties:

Filename: svBuilder-Pro.air
Filesize: 1,467,606 bytes
MD5: 4d3b8fe86bd7368b42636812d3c0d1f4
SHA1: cba759ad98bb79381d437c3a3bb70cce5f0f7d41

You can check the MD5 and/or SHA1 hashes with a program such as HashCalc (free) or HashTab (free for personal use).

If your file does not have the properties listed above, then try downloading the zip file again using a different browser.

If your file does have the properties listed above, then I would try completely uninstalling Adobe AIR and svBuilder-Pro and then reinstalling both applications.

You can download the most recent version of Adobe AIR from here.

Try the procedure in this forum thread.
(Uninstall and then reinstall Adobe AIR between steps 4 and 5).

There are also additional tips in this forum thread which might help.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: unable to install simpleviewer pro

hi Steven,

thank you so much for your reply.

I tried deleting all the files and reinstalling but no luck, i'm still having the same problem.

any other suggestions? Would love for this to work as I am comfortable and quite like the product!


Re: unable to install simpleviewer pro

... it is unresponsive during the install.

Does anything happen at all when you try to install svBuilder-Pro (are any warning or error messages displayed)?
Do you have to just kill the process after some time has passed?

Can you reinstall svBuilder without issue (does the problem happen only with svBuilder-Pro)?
Have you checked the MD5 or SHA1 hashes of the svBuilder-Pro.air file to make sure that it is not corrupt?

Are you using a Mac or PC and what operating system are you using?
Maybe the two Adobe help pages below will help (they are for Adobe AIR itself rather than AIR applications but they might help to point you in the right direction):
Mac: … ac-os.html
PC: … ndows.html

Have you tried temporarily disabling any security software that you have installed that might somehow be interfering with the installation process?

Take a look at the Console [View -> Show Log List] (Mac) or Event Viewer [Windows Logs -> System] (Windows) to see if any issues are logged at the exact times when you try to install svBuilder-Pro. This might give us a clue as to the nature of the problem.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: unable to install simpleviewer pro

Having similar problems since upgrading (actually new install) of Windows 10 - Adobe AIR is the latest version, freshly installed. After installing SVpro 231 or 232 my system is hanging, takes ages to reboot. I did restore win7 and all worked fine. Win 10 neither works for me as a fresh install or in place upgrade - using the 64 bit version. Any others having this kind of fun after upgrading to Win10?

Re: unable to install simpleviewer pro


I don't think svBuilder-Pro is likely to be having any effect on your long reboot times. No svBuilder-Pro files are run on boot.

Also, Adobe AIR and svBuilder-Pro should both run fine under Windows 10.

I've upgraded a couple of PCs to Windows 10 (both from Windows 7) without issue. They both had svBuilder-Pro installed on them (under Windows 7) and svBuilder-Pro continued to work OK under Windows 10.
With Windows 10 activated, I then clean-installed Windows 10 on one of the PCs and installed svBuilder-Pro from scratch. Again, no problems.

Are you actually having problems running svBuilder-Pro itself or are you having general computer problems since installing svBuilder-Pro?

I helped someone upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 on an HP laptop and they immediately had issues with a long boot time (they did not use svBulder-Pro at all).
The problem turned out to be a driver issue for a switchable graphics configuration (but there could be any number of reasons why your own system is not running well under Windows 10).

Check the 'Windows logs -> System' section of your PC's Event Viewer to see if there are any warnings or error messages that might help point towards the source of your problem.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team