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Topic: how to remove one or two pictures from an existing galery

on a SimpleViever Galery I do have say 20 pictures, how can I  d e l e t e  3 of them ? I do not find such options on edit galeries


Re: how to remove one or two pictures from an existing galery

I notice that you are using WP-SimpleViewer (the SimpleViewer plugin for WordPress) and that your SimpleViewer gallery's images are taken from a NextGEN gallery (whose id is '4').

When you use a NextGEN gallery as a source of images, WP-SimpleViewer simply displays all images from the specified NextGEN gallery.

To remove 3 images from this SimpleViewer gallery, you'll need to edit your NextGEN gallery with id '4' (using the available NextGEN settings in the WordPress Dashboard) and remove the images from there.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: how to remove one or two pictures from an existing galery


thank you for looking into that. The Simple-Viewer gallery you may have seen on the website is not the one in question. For making it easier I did activate it inside the post „Blutmond September 2015“ (its on the bottom). The ID=9 . The pictures are not coming from a NextGEN galery but from my Mediathek on my wordpress account. On the spezial posting I want to show only the moon pictures within the SimpleViever galery, the other pictures should remain inside the article. Now again my question, how can I manage this ?

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Re: how to remove one or two pictures from an existing galery

When using the Media Library as a source of images for a SimpleViewer gallery, WP-SimpleViewer displays all images attached to the post. There is no way to select (or deselect) only certain images.

As you already use NextGEN Gallery, perhaps the easiest way to do what you want is to set up a new NextGEN Gallery with only those images you want displayed in your SimpleViewer gallery and change the gallery's source from 'Media Library' to 'NextGEN' (with the id of the new NextGEN Gallery).

Otherwise, you could:
(1) Attach images to your post (for use in your SimpleViewer gallery).
(2) Upload additional images to the Media Library (via the Dashboard) making sure that they are not attached to the post containing the gallery.
(3) Manually insert <img> tags for these additional images within the post (so that they appear in the post but not in the gallery).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team