Topic: Reposting SimpleViewer will not launch locally

None of the solutions in the previous post work - at least not for me. There isn't any 'Edit Locations' in Chrome for OSX that I can see nor are there 'Control Panels' in Safari or Firefox that I can find (also OSX).

The Adobe Global Security Settings panel is almost useless. It doesn't let me choose and confirm folders, just files. I picked simpleviewer_icc.swf and simpleviewer.swf. Doing that does nothing.

Any ideas?

Re: Reposting SimpleViewer will not launch locally

Please see my reply to your post in this forum thread: … 039#p53039
Hopefully it will help. I have included screenshots from Chrome (on my PC) showing the 'Edit locations...' drop-down menu in the Settings Manager.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team