Topic: All layouts don't work

I had installed this plugin last year and layout was that thumbnails were on left, and the main image being viewed was on the right. I went to update one of the galleries today and all of the galleries are broken.

When simpleviewer loads, all of the galleries just show a horizontal row of thumbnails.

I updated the latest version and have WP 4.7.2. I did try deactivating all other plugins and switching to the default twenty fifteen theme. Nothing changed.

I've tried changing the gallery style, thumb position, and several other options and no option setting makes any change at all in the front end.

Re: All layouts don't work

Your galleries are currently being displayed by the Mobile Player (which displays thumbnails and main images on separate pages) rather than the Flash Player.
Make sure that your galleries have 'Use Flash' selected in the gallery settings.
Edit each gallery on the 'Manage Galleries' page, select the 'Use Flash' checkbox (just above the 'Pro Options' text area) and click 'Save'.
This should hopefully solve your problem.

If you find that the 'Use Flash' checkbox is already selected, try deselecting it (and click 'Save') and then edit the gallery once more and reselect the 'Use Flash' checkbox (and click 'Save' once again).

As far as I can recall, the 'Use Flash' configuration option has always defaulted to TRUE in all versions of WP-SimpleViewer so updating the plugin should not have caused this problem. However, the solution should be relatively easy to implement.

I hope this helps.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team