Topic: Pictures on website not appearing anymore

I have a website called all the pictures that are supposed to appear are suddenly all gone. Its a business website so help immediately would be appreciated

Re: Pictures on website not appearing anymore

Having checked out your 'Collection' gallery, I see that you are getting the "No Images Specific in Gallery XML" message.
When I inspect your gallery's XML file (, I see there is no image information there at all (just gallery configuration options).
This is the root of the problem.

Your gallery's XML file is generated dynamically by your 'compact.php' file which, unfortunately, I do not have access to so I cannot examine the file to investigate further.
Without knowing the code that you use to generate your gallery's XML file (or where your images are stored on your server), I do not know exactly what the problem is.

Please check your PHP script to try to figure out why the <image> tags are not being generated in the resulting XML file.
Also, double-check that your gallery's images are in the correct location on your web server.
If your PHP script is using images from a designated directory on your web server but there are no images in the directory, then this may account for there being no <image> tags in the XML file.

Pictures on website not appearing anymore

If your galleries were previously displaying OK but now are not and you have not changed anything yourself, then this suggests that something may have changed on your web server to cause the problem.
Please ask your web host to see if they have made any changes recently which might be contributing to your problem.
For example, if the version of PHP has recently changed on your server, then this may affect how your PHP script is working.
(Your PHP script may use functions that are no longer available in your current version of PHP.)

I hope this points you in the right direction.

Incidentally, I notice that your gallery uses SimpleViewer v2.0.1.
You might like to look into upgrading to the latest version (v2.3.2) as a lot has changed since v2.0.1. For example, SimpleViewer now features Universal Playback so that gallery images can be displayed on mobile devices which do not support Adobe Flash Player.
Please see the Version History for a full list of changes between versions.
Instructions for downloading the latest version and upgrading existing galleries can be found on the Upgrading SimpleViewer support page.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team