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Topic: installation problem

simpleviewer_pro_2.3.2 fails to install on Adobe Air with the The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged" error.

I've already tried:

- launching the installer from a restricted file system or network drive. Try copying the installer to desktop and install from there

- downloading installer again.

Air works, as Juicebox installs without problem.

Re: installation problem

Unfortunately, there is currently a problem with the installation of svBuilder whereby Adobe AIR reports that the installation file is damaged.
This is not strictly true (the file is not actually damaged) and I suspect that the true nature of the problem is either a certificate problem or an issue with the application trying to verify the publisher.

I have contacted the developers and await their response.
Unfortunately, I do not know of a workaround to install the application and we really need to wait for the developers to investigate further, determine the exact cause of the problem and hopefully provide a solution.

In the meantime, I should perhaps point out that there are other method of creating a SimpleViewer gallery.
There are several plugins available for different software packages and you can also create a gallery manually by modifying the sample 'web' gallery from the SimpleViewer download zip package.
I realise that it is not as convenient as using svBuilder but it might help if you need to create a SimpleViewer gallery urgently.

Also, as well as the installation issue with svBuilder, there are currently many Flash-related problems affecting SimpleViewer galleries. Please see this blog entry for more information:
The End of Flash and What this Means for SimpleViewer.

Please also see this forum post where I have described the problems in detail.

In light of all the problems currently facing SimpleViewer, we took the decision to retire SimpleViewer (in July 2017) and focus our attention on Juicebox which, being HTML 5, is immune to all Flash-related problems.

I am hopeful that the developers will be able to fix the svBuilder installation problem but with all the problems facing SimpleViewer (and other Flash content) and with Adobe's decision for Flash to reach its end-of-life in 2020, I would recommend moving forward with Juicebox.

If you like, you can convert a SimpleViewer gallery to Juicebox using JuiceboxBuilder by following the Converting a SimpleViewer Gallery instructions.

I realise that this does not directly resolve your query but I hope that these notes at least help to clarify things.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

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Re: installation problem

If you have a working SvBuilder-Pro installed on another computer, just copy the folder c:\Program Files (x86)\svBuilder-Pro to your computer where it does not install.
Install Adobe Air, and start svBuilder-Pro from the folder c:\Program Files (x86)\svBuilder-Pro.

Re: installation problem

I wouldn't normally recommend copying an installation folder but it might help to get svBuilder-Pro running on a system where the application cannot be installed.

svBuilder-Pro should really be installed from the 'svBuilder-Pro.air' installation file as the installer creates files and folders in more locations than just the 'Program Files (x86)' folder (although these additional files and folders should also be created on first run) and also adds an uninstall entry in the Control Panel.

Thank you for sharing your suggestion, though.
As SimpleViewer has now been retired (back in July 2017), it is unlikely that there will be an update to resolve this installation issue and your notes may help some people to continue using svBuilder-Pro, although I'd recommend switching to an HTML 5 (non-Flash) alternative such as Juicebox before Flash dies out completely.
Don't forget that existing SimpleViewer-Pro users are entitled to a 30% discount off the cost of Juicebox-Pro. Please see the following blog entry for details.
The End of Flash and What this Means for SimpleViewer.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team