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i just bought simpleviewer pro and am customizing it to my needs. that works ok for me, great program.

Now i have my websites main .swf movie where i want to embed the album (viewer.swf)

My main movie is scripted right, but when i load the viewer.swf the layout of my main movie is totally messed up.

How do i embed the viewer.swf into my main flash movie without messing with the layout of the main movie ?.

So prevent that the viewer.swf messes with my root swf

Re: embed in full flash site

You should load your customized viewer.swf file into your base .fla file during runtime, essentially this will put your viewer.swf movie in your base .swf movie. 

There are many examples on the web on how to do this, but essentially you do this:

1.) Create an empty movie clip (a container clip).
2.) Give the container an instance name, i.e. mycontainer.
3.) Drag the container to your stage (preferrably on it's own layer).
4.) Add the action: _root.loadMovie("viewer.swf", "mycontainer")

This should get you up and running...however the tutorials online are more in depth.

Re: embed in full flash site

hello Morreke,

I've puchased this product today and i am heaving the same problem as you have ( hopefully had).
Also the layout of my main movie  is altered at the moment i load the viuwer.swf file. (Stage size and allignment).
I've been playing around in the, but with no luck.

Have you solved the problem already? Could you help me?

Or anybody else off course.

Re: embed in full flash site

I am also attempting to embed SimpleViewer in another flash movie. The gallery loads just fine, but I need it to dynamically change size to fit the window. Currently, I am changing the _global.gStageWidth and _global.gStageHeight values:

content_mc._x = 0;
content_mc._y = header_height;

var stageListener:Object = new Object();
stageListener.onResize = function() {
    _global.gStageWidth = Stage.width;
    _global.gStageHeight = Stage.height-header_height-footer_height;

(Where header_height and footer_height are the respective heights of header/footer areas in the final page.)
But this doesn't work. :evil: I get the movie to be below the header just fine, but the thumbs are completely off the stage and the gallery is too wide. Am I using the gStageHeight/Width incorrectly? Does anyone know how to fix this?

Re: embed in full flash site

I have a Website up a running and after seein simple viewer I thought of putting the photograhs display in that way.
I have my main movie photografias.swf and I can only upload a single simpleviewer movie called "stills":
on (press) {
    gotoAndStop ("stills");
    loadMovieNum ("stills.swf", 1);
    unloadMovieNum (2);

I have been trying to upload another movie through an action in flash saying:
on (press) {

I have put in another folder called arquitectura, the xml file, swf file, folders images, thumbnails folder and js file. Same estructure. It works fine independently but I cannot find the path or the action to call the movie arquitectura.

I don't know if I explain my self correctly or given enough information due to the fact that I cannot attacched fotos describing more.

I would greatly appreciated if anyone could help.

Thanks a lot.