Topic: New window for each Album?

I'm trying to get each album to open in a new window...

Here's what I have so far..

You'll notice that when you click on an album it just loads all scrunched together.. I'm not interested in resizing the images, gallery size or what not..I just want the album to load as is in a new window.


Re: New window for each Album?

I've got simpleviewer 1.3 guess is I need to alter something in simpleviewer.php?

Re: New window for each Album?

add target="_blank" to the link code


<a  target="_blank" href="?album=Covers" title="Covers" style="background-image&#58; url&#40;Covers/thumbs/kwende_cd013.JPG&#41;; background-position&#58; 3px 50%; background-repeat&#58; no-repeat;">Covers<br /><span>&#40;3 images&#41;</span></a>

Re: New window for each Album?

the new window code works well. For the Galleries.

what I'd like to do though is have my page header included in the gallery index page and THEN have each album open in a new window - without the header being included in the album.

Here is what I have but notice what happens when you click on an album.

Any help is much appreciated.