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So I've got a PHP SimpleViewer site that I mentioned here, and all is well.  But I'm getting some kinda quirky results when the images are SWFs.

I'm using Snoosh to convert my AVIs to SWFs.  I had to put playback control in the bottom center of the movie (select Player Control tab - check "create player control on output" - "Basic Play Controls - FVL 4"), so that SimpleViewer's left and right navigation doesn't mess up the controls.

Then I'm also using Snoosh to create single frame SWF "thumbnails" that are resized and cropped to 65x65.

The result is really close to perfect.  I get the movies to show and even the thumbnails are visible.  But the thumbnails always resize to smaller than they should.  And the main movies always start out in the upper left and then center themselves after the movie has finished loading.

To see what I mean, go here.

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I've made slight improvement by creating jpg movie snapshots (for the thumbs) and then renaming them to .swf's.

But SimpleViewer still puts the fullsize movie in the top left corner until it's fully loaded.

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Cool - video in SimpleViewer! I am not seeing the video load in the top-left here, maybe you fixed it?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Yes, I (sorta) fixed it.  While I wanted to have a little tiny animation of the movie, SimpleViewer wouldn't cooperate with the thumbnails.  When the thumbnail is actually a 65x65 SWF, it squishes the movie into the top left quarter of the thumbnail area.  (Any idea why?)  So I resigned to creating JPG stills of the movie and then renaming them to .SWF's.

I still have one other ill effect that I wish could be fixed: while the full size movie is loading, SimpleViewer doesn't center the movie.  Once the movie is loaded, it puts it where it belongs.  The movie is the right size and shape, it just waits to put it in the center of the page.

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oops...  if you were asking if I fixed the full size movie loading in the top left... I didn't.  Unless you are loading the movie so quickly that you can't see it... All but the second image in that gallery are movies.  Advance to one of them before it finishes loading and you should see that is not centered on the page until it finishes.

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nice. wish i could get autoviewer to do that.

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I've been wanting to do this for a while and finally had a try and it works great!  Thanks for the idea billyblue!

Easy to do once you know how!

(This is the only place on the net i could find a rough guide on how to do this!)