Topic: change length caption text

Where can i change the length of the caption text. I want singleline, so i already edited this in the

mcCaption.mcCaption.txtCaption.wordWrap = false;
mcCaption.mcCaption.txtCaption.multiline = false;

But now the caption text is cut off somewhere on half the x-length of the picture...

Thx in advance!

Re: change length caption text

I think it should be somewhere in the file, but i really can't find something like 'mcCaption.width' or so...

Re: change length caption text

the caption width is set in the Image.setSize() function.

mcCaption.mcCaption.txtCaption._width = (mWidth - (Options.captionPadding *2 +mXMLManager.frameWidth*2)) *2/3 *100/capScale;
mcCaption.mcCaption.txtCaption._height = mHeight - (Options.captionPadding *2 +mXMLManager.frameWidth*2) *100/capScale;
Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: change length caption text

Thx! :D

I changed it in

mcCaption.mcCaption.txtCaption._width = mWidth;

Should i add "*100/capScale" behind it? Don't know exactly what the function of this 'capScale' is...