Topic: Gallery 1.x to Simpleviewer(Admin) export

I always used Gallery 1.x:

I made a simple PHP export script to export albums from Gallery 1.x to SimpleViewer.

Customize settings in export.php: at least the gallery1.x and SV location
Put export.php on your webserver
Run export.php, choose an existing gallery from the dropdown and press export. …

good luck!
Jochem Gugelot

Re: Gallery 1.x to Simpleviewer(Admin) export


Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Gallery 1.x to Simpleviewer(Admin) export

When I exported my album, everything went through ok except for the last part:

Creating XML config...can't open file

What does that mean?  Is the imagedata.xml file something that I should be creating and putting on the server, or does the script create it? 

Also is my folder structure ok - I have Gallery1 in a subfolder, my simpleviewer swf and gallery.xml doc in another subfolder, and my export.php doc in the root directory. 

Thanks - can't wait to have this up and running, great script!