Topic: loading Viewer.swf externally into existing swf

Here is what I am trying to do, there is button that goes to label which calls my code that loads an external swf that on the server into my existing home.swf.  It will load like normal, then I get an X where I should have an image.  I have eliminated the thumbs leaving just the image which when rolled over gives the arrows for advancing which works on its own, just not when I call the external viewer.swf.

Here is how my server is broken down, these are in a subfolder I made on the server called dean so the call address would be www.mydomain/dean:
thumbs (which just contain the same size images as what's in images folder as they aren't being displayed)
index.htm (mine that I made for the site, not the one in the SV package)
index.swf (mine, my main site swf)

I am not able to put the SV index.htm in the same folder as it conflicts with mine.  I even tried putting all SV files into a subfolder dean/album/ and nothing worked, edited the image path in the xml to as well as thumbs, and still nothing..  With this method I got the no album nag.
So far the way it is up top is working, it loads, but just gives me an X.

Well, god damn it, it works now!  Just didn't work on the laptop for some reason in IE7.

Well, I guess others can still comment on this if they have any tricks up thier sleeves.