Topic: slow performance w/ larger images

I'm working on a photography site that uses a simpleviewer gallery as a subset of a larger flash site.  For the gallery, I'm using no thumbnails, only images of 683w and 575h as max dimensions (at 72dpi).  When I open the site in IE7, the performance is really slow in terms of image to image transition.  With smaller images, this isn't a problem, so I'm guessing it's the image size I'm using.  Is there a workaround for this?  I'm really wanting to have images as large as possible to showcase the work. 

I should also note, the images transitioned fine when I set the quality to low, but it seems like simpleviewer's quality is set to high as a default (even when the main index.html has the quality param set to low).

Any help is appreciated.

Re: slow performance w/ larger images

um... nevermind lol  I looked in my index.fla and the stage area was smaller than the image sizes, it seems to be transitioning fine now.

Re: slow performance w/ larger images

I just thought I'd add that dpi has absolutely no relevance (or meaning) once you are dealing with screen output and pixel dimensions:  " (at 72dpi)."