Topic: main image fixed

I'm using navPosition="top"

Currently the main image is always centered, but I want to have the left side
of the image lined up with the first thumbnail, regardless of the width of the image.
I went into stagemanager and played around with the imgX parameter, but couldn't find the width parameter of the image.

Any ideas ?


Re: main image fixed

SV always centers Images inside the ImageArea. To turn this off, edit line 178 in Change this:

imgX = Math.round((w-imgW)/2) + fw;

to this:

imgX = fw;
Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: main image fixed

Thanks,  works as I wanted now.


Re: main image fixed

It works for the image, but there seems to be a problem now for the arrows, the (next) arrow apears in the image but you need to put
your pointer next to it to be able to click to go to the next image.

Re: main image fixed

There still a problem with the arrows, how can I solve this ?

Also I want to do the same for the thumbnails : It has to be aligned to the left  How can I do this ?

Re: main image fixed

Yeah, I'm also having troulbe with arrows for left aligned images