Topic: DESPERATE!! SimpleViewer 1.7, Simpleviewer Admin & Flas

**unfortunately I can't post links until I have 5 posts, so where you see "see example here" will not work until I've managed to get 5 posts LOL.

**Has anyone managed to get SimpleViewer 1.7, SimpleViewer Admin AND Loading the content into a Flash Movie (vs. using PHP as the output) to work? 

See Description Below:

I know you guys are out there, the ones that are constantly driven to solve a real "interesting" problem, so please, help me out if you can. I'm stuck on this one issue and I can't seem to get past it - it's been two days now I can barely look at this stuff anymore! I need a fresh new pair of eyes eyeballing this stuff maybe it's a very simple thing.

SimpleViewer is an XML gallery Slideshow - Simpleviewer Admin is an administrative tool that creates dynamic galleries within Simpleviewer - but created by a different party.

Both work fine when SimpleViewer is housed within it's intended PHP page. But when I try to load it into a level of my main flash movie? FORGET IT! Kaputz - can't get past the "Loading XML".

Detailed Description and links to Open Source software below.

There are three components here I'm dealing with.

1.) SimpleViewer V1.7 - available free here. I did purchase the source code but it's not the most recent, which is fine, since the below doesn't work with the most recent anyway.

2.) SimpleViewer Admin - available free here.

3.) My main flash file (which, for our purposes could be *any* flash file - blank or whatever - if you try to load it up in a level, no go) , for which I'm attempting to import SimpleViewer into, 2 galleries, each gallery is dynamically generated via SimpleViewer Admin.

I can get the SimpleViewer Admin to generate the galleries and work FINE when SimpleViewer is embedded in it's intended PHP file. No problems there. It works. See example here. Notice that the gallery is located in subdirectory "people".

Now, I have my main flash file which is in the root directory and I have a navigation, where a user selects from "people" to "fine art", which is entitled nav_portfolio.swf and loaded in level 5 of the main movie. See here (sidenote: the red is just to see the white text of the simpleviewer progress and won't be there once completed).

OK, well, I see that it loads the simpleviewer "viewer.swf" in the "people" directory, but it's not finding the xml data. Even when I put nav_portfolio.swf in the "people" directory, it's not reading it, see here.

So, obviously there's an issue here I just can't figure out if it's parsing related or - ? I'm no xml guru. I am sincerely hoping that someone can help me, I need to get this thing up and running so I can actively work AWAY from the computer :-)

Any help would be FANTASTIC. I would really appreciate it.


Re: DESPERATE!! SimpleViewer 1.7, Simpleviewer Admin & Flas

can't see your detail codes there. but at least, assuming you deploy sv 1.7, have you tried in these orders:

1. build a single main loading movie
2. keep just one viewer.swf for all your album directories, do not make other viewer.swfs with names like bla1.swf, bla2.swf, etc. one is enough, because all your dynamic contents will be loaded thru each imageData.xml from sva for each call from the main loading movie
3. do your regular album creations, upload, edit captions, etc thru sva
4. place sample codes to create multiple galleries in your loading movie timeline, no need to lockroot, search this forum for that, or grab the code in the bundled package of sv 1.8 pro
5. and of course republish your main loading movie to make #4 effective

all imageData.xml generations are taken care of inside your sva. sorry if that doesn't answer your problems or you've done that already. just keep one viewer.swf for all albums. at least, that's the problem i see here. check  again the recommended structures of directory from sva for sure