Topic: File References confusion re: source files

Hi, I looked over the FAQs and used the Search tool w/o finding my answer.  btw- this product is worth paying for- thanks!!

1.   I'm using SVPro with an all-Flash website with multiple galleries.  I'm a bit confused with where the source file references are made?  Within the .fla files?  the .as files?   etc...

My exact problem is that I'm trying to layout the gallery a bit differently than it comes.  I make the changes suggested in the Documentation to the .as files, .xml files, etc but the changes don't propagate...  :?   Some of the files don't seem to be where they're supposed to be?  Or I'm editing the wrong ones?

So, I'm not sure where things are supposed to be in relation to eachother, what folders, etc....
2.   ALSO, it doesn't say in the Documentation, but how do you use the multiple gallery function if the whole thing is done in Flash? 

The following is the only thing that seems to even partially work(but maybe it's contributing to my problem#1 above....???

the hierarchy---

-main Movie    (.swf)
-Galleries Index   (.swf containing buttons for each gallery)
-viewer.swf   (.swf,    the actual gallery)

Where do you stick the .as, .xml files and other folders????

Does anyone know the answers?

Thanks a lot!

Re: File References confusion re: source files

I'll be interested to find the answer as this is something I'm trying to achieve also.

Re: File References confusion re: source files

Did you get an answer to this?  Figure it out?  Please post it!

Re: File References confusion re: source files

If you are trying to load multiple SV galleries into a flash movie, look at the 'examples/Flash Embed' folder in the SV-PRO download. For the example to work the files need to be in the same locations as in the example. I would suggest making a copy of the entire 'Flash Embed' folder, then making the changes required to suit your requirements.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.