Topic: Images desaturated?

I've noticed that images in simpleviewer galleries are desaturated when directly compared to the original in the images folder. In Safari, I'm opening the gallery and then opening the jpeg directly from the images folder. Toggling back and forth between the pages shows a fairly large amount of desaturation. It's sucking the life out of faces and turning Tahitian blue water into something you might see in Florida. :(

Is this just a Flash side-effect? Or do I need to select a particular color space? Currently, I'm just choosing sRGB as I do for most web postings.

Re: Images desaturated?

Some users have reported a difference in colors between Safari and SV. Check here for a possible solution: … php?t=2456

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Images desaturated?


Thanks for the reply.

I've updated Flash to the most current version, and I've tried some other gallery software. It appears to be in the way that Safari renders colors in Flash. I'll keep using SV in situations where I want to prevent people from saving the photo files, but where color accuracy is important, I'll have to develop my own Aperture web template.

BTW, after months of exporting jpegs and using SV on my web server, I've found an Aperture plugin that takes the work out of using SV, so I'm really anxious to get the colors correct in SV. Maybe I'll create an action that ups the saturation enough to counteract the desat...on second thought, you say it's only in Safari, so I don't want to screw it up for everybody else. Sigh...

Here's the link for the plugin (just take out the spaces):

apertureplugin . . net

www . evansbrasfield . com