Topic: SWF issues

Hey guys, please can some one reply back to this if anyone has any tips or has had similar experience.

i have put this on a domain i wasnt using for now, to preview it, however they wont let me post it yet..

this is supossedly to be used to be a gallery/online portfolio

I have 2 SWF files on the 2nd page of the gallery, one actual real swf and the other a test to try and see what i was doing wrong.

BASICALLY.. the thumbnail was created fine, however the actual preivew, is scattered all over the page through out the play of the swf file, also its sizing is soo big at the start you can only see part of it on screen, then if you clck off and then back on, it re positions itself to the centre ish. however really squashed!

ALSO the speed of the swf file has trippled?! than the actual orginal..
i dont understand.

Re: SWF issues

URL is below..

Re: SWF issues


Re: SWF issues


Re: SWF issues