Topic: Kind of jpg files ?


I know that jpg and swf are accepted in SimpleViewer.

But does SimpleViewer accepts also pjpeg and x-jpeg  ?

I don't know exactly what they are but…

Thank you for your answer !

Re: Kind of jpg files ?

Let's be clear.

SimpleViewer by itself, has nothing to do with whether you can display a certain content type. Limitations are imposed by the Flash Player running in the client browser -- not SV.

A pjpeg is a progressive JPEG bitmap. An x-jpeg (or xjpeg) is an AES encrypted JPEG bitmap. The key length is 128 bits.

Flash Player 8 displays progressive JPEGs with no problem. As an XJPEG is by definition encrypted, and must be decrypted prior to display, Flash cannot display it.

Again, this performance has nothing to do with SV, it is a "flash" thing.

The references to using only non-progressive JPEG images with SV stem from the fact that Flash Player 7 is the target playback software. Flash 8 has improvements and options over version 7, but not everybody is using version 8.

If you created a gallery.xml that referenced non-progressive JPEG, progressive JPEG, SWF files and PNG graphics, and as long as the browser was running at least Flash Player 8, there would be no problems. But, earlier versions of Flash Player would choke on some of that content.

Practically speaking, I don't have a compelling reason to design against older versions of Flash. The Player is free, so there's not much harm expecting that most folks will keep their plugin up-to-date.

I can't envision a routine use for XJPEG content using SV.

As for PJPEGs, why bother with them? The typical Internet user is not browsing over dialup, and it's easy to optimize a JPEG (80% quality shows very little difference vs. full uncompressed.)