Topic: [EDIT] Viewer mixed up?

Hi, sorry, I managed to load my swf but now I have an even worse problem. If you go here: champagneblueDOTcom/flash/index.html
You'll see that when you've opened the postcardviewer in 'portfolio', sometimes when I click 'bio' the viewer shows up again? Why is it doing this?

Hi there,

I've managed to get my PostcardViewer working fine. Only thing is, I want to embed it within another flash (website) file. I could use the loadMovieNum in a holder movieclip but then once the viewer has loaded, my other movieclip buttons can't override it.

Like, the viewer remains open and my other buttons function underneath it. How can I make the viewer go away/condense when I click another button/movieclip?

Btw, I'm still new to flash, so any help would be much appreciated. :)