Topic: I.E. dissavowing Flash ..?

For me, Safari and Firefox do ok with SimpleViewer; but Explorer is being contrary about  it.
I've seen several of the posts regarding Flash upgrade, or Flash detection; but I can't make sense out of my different browsers responses.

My I.E. (v.5.2.3) won't acknowledge that osX 10.4.8 might have the proper version, let alone perhaps the existence availability of any form of Flash.  It produces a blank white page with the two links at the top to..: go and get Flash; or to go the the gallery. The later choice retrieves a search engine. The former seems overkill - if an adequate version exists to make Safari and Firefox produce.

In osX's Spotlight, I am presented with a couple of versions of installers, hints of importance of "ActiveX Controls" and fancy looking stuff like SVG Viewer and Flash MX.

But I don't see a clue as to why SimpleViewer works only sometimes - with the apparent under-the-table acknowledgment in two out of three.

Other questions about this glitch are..:

Can someone tell me where in the hierarchy ought the "Flash" installer put what I.E. needs to see.?  And how to perhaps hand-hold/guide I.E. to that awareness.?

Should I expect a passing/(surfing) viewer to have to resolve this type of thing.?  How might their various systems cope with this.?

In the default-fault page that SimpleViewer produces, is there some way to make the 'gallery' link do something effective..?  Like maybe actually assist in finding the correct Flash version.? 
    All it does for me is go to a search engine of stuff that looks like developers jargon.
    Not very helpful.
Or is it possible to get rid of that text about "Gallery".?

I sure would  greatly appreciate any assistance to get this thing working properly.