Topic: hows look if 1000 pics uploaded?

hi everyone,

i like the viewerprogram very much. i have about 1000 pictures. how would it look? will a part be cut off, or will there appear scroll buttons...?
does it effekt the loading speed of the script if i have so many pics?

thank u in advance!

Re: hows look if 1000 pics uploaded?

Hi C-Bas, I tried it with 80 photo's: it takes quite long (because of the loading) and the screen stays black while loading. When ready loading, only a part of the "gallery" is shown: you cant scroll to images displayed outside screen except when using arrow-keys.

AirTightInteractive, is there any way that this can be fixed by adding clickable arrows which scroll though the postcard-gallery?

Re: hows look if 1000 pics uploaded?

well, thanx though. that is what i guessed. this "bug" is a real hit in the dirt and was the reason i didnt use it. it is cool and nice for small presentation galleries, but not for large image-galleries.

try these nice flash image galleries. they might be more powerful:

w ww. gotgtek. com

the first is called exposé, the other i dont know, but look under "Gallery"

Re: hows look if 1000 pics uploaded?

How would that be any different? Surely it's all down to the file size and quantity. FI, if you have 1000 images you want to load on a page and they are all 300kbs each, that's over 300mbs of images. PV seems to downsize them to about 110kbs each, but that would still be over 100mbs you would be trying to stuff onto one page.
I don't recall ever seeing 1000 images on one page, so it's probably better to span them over several pages.