Topic: Error when running Multi Gallery example

I'm not sure why I'm getting errors in the sample that was sent in the download.  What version of actionscript does Pro use?  The error I was getting when I run the example in Flash Professional 8 is as follows:

**Warning** Scene=Scene 1, layer=code, frame=1:Line 1: The file '', which is required for typechecking ActionScript 2.0, could not be found. Please make sure the directory '$(LocalData)/Classes' is listed in the global classpath of the ActionScript Preferences.

Total ActionScript Errors: 1      Reported Errors: 1

Loaded XML: true

I'm not very good at actionscript code and don't know the ins and outs just yet.  I didn't change any code this is running as was sent in the download.

I then added the directory in the code output above to the global classpath ($(LocalData)/Classes), once I did that the error above was removed, but I'm still getting the "Loaded XML: true" portion of the error.