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In the Pro version can we add sub-album because in the 1.8 we  cant!


Portrait(main ablbum)
-Lynda (sub-album)


Re: ALBUN --- sub album

Sorry, no answer, just more questions..

This sounds like just what I need... How was it possible in 1.8? Like one main gallery loads and upon click on a thumb another subgallery loads (instead of that thumb's image) ?

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Well, you can create another SimpleViewer gallery for 'lynda' and have your main gallery link to that copy of SimpleViewer.  It can read flash files so you can load one instance of the SV into another.

Re: ALBUN --- sub album

I cant create 25 gallery with simpleviewer, it will be complicated and linked to each other.
Theres no other way to do it ???