Topic: limit right click on Flash


I use to add a

<PARAM NAME=menu VALUE=false />

tag in my Simpleviewer 1.7  html Flash code in order to limit the possibities with right click on animation.
But now with the 1.7.1 version, I don't know if it is still possible to ad such a tag, and if yes, where ?

thanx for your answsers,



Re: limit right click on Flash

I found the solution.
in flashobject.js, just replace line 65 with this one :

_1c="<embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash"   menu=false src=""+this.getAttribute&#40;"swf"&#41;+"" width=""+this.getAttribute&#40;"width"&#41;+"" height=""+this.getAttribute&#40;"height"&#41;+""";

and line 75 with this one :

_1c+="<param name="movie" value=""+this.getAttribute&#40;"swf"&#41;+"" /><PARAM NAME=menu VALUE=false />";