Topic: Simpleviewer + SiteGrinder = HELP

Is anyone familiar with a product called SiteGrinder? I'm currently using that
program in conjunction with your SimpleViewer program but can't seem to get it to integrate well.

I know that on the FAQ page for SV it says to empty the contents of the
gallery folder into the folder that has the HTML file, but how can I do that
if I have 5 galleries to be exact? I figured that if I change the name of
the swf, js, and xml files that it would be possible for each galleries
contents to be in the same folder without trying to rewrite one another, but
how do I go about linking the name change in the swfobject.js and
gallery.xml file?

Hopefully someone can help me,

Re: Simpleviewer + SiteGrinder = HELP

If you want 5 galleries, you should create 5 separate gallery folders, as described on Q16 of the FAQ: … r/faq.html

I'm not familiar with SiteGrinder, but once you have your galleries, you can point links to the gallery folders from any other HTML .

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Simpleviewer + SiteGrinder = HELP

It doesn't work that way. When I point to the file it's not bringing up the gallery because somehow when used through the website the ".swf" file doesn't know to look for the gallery.xml so I'm trying to find a way to correct this.

Re: Simpleviewer + SiteGrinder = HELP

The thing I really need to know is how to change the names of the gallery.xml and swfobject.js, so that the FILES of the multiple galleries can coexist together in a single folder without them being in separate folders.

When I rename them, and try to open the "viewer.swf" file I get a gallery not found which is obviously because I renamed the files so how do I change the file paths from within those 2 files?

Re: Simpleviewer + SiteGrinder = HELP

It's just not designed to work that way! It's called simpleviewer because it's simple, and it's free! If you want to make a custom setup you will most likely need to buy the Pro version and modify the files yourself. You can specify a folder location for the images and thumbs other than the root folder of the gallery.xml but other than that I don't think you can change the file names like you describe. This is the default and required structure:


All images including thumbs should be .jpg (lower case extension) with matching file names.