Topic: Buildgallery problems - No thumbnails.

When I try to build the gallery using buildgallery.php, it do not create any thumbnails only a big white X. I have try to close and open my browser, but nothing happens. When I look at the server in the thumbnail folder, it is empty. Can some one help me here ?

Here is the log from the build -

( buildgallery.php version 1.9, running under php version 5.2.3, GD library version 2.0.34)

10 jpg images found in images folder.

Sorting images by date. Sort in reverse order.

   1. Taasinge0039a.jpg
   2. Slot.jpg
   3. Krigsskib0008cbb.jpg
   4. Krigsskib0002cc.jpg
   5. Dyrehaven0006a.jpg
   6. 100_0066B&W2.jpg
   7. 100_0066B&W.jpg
   8. 13x18cm_004.jpg
   9. 13x18cm_003.jpg
  10. 115-1503_IMG.jpg

Successfully created XML document: gallery.xml

Attempting to create thumbnails in thumbs folder:

Re: Buildgallery problems - No thumbnails.

Have you set $useCopyResized = true;