Topic: Transparent Background from iPhoto

Hello All,
First, great work on SimpleViewer.

I would like to make a transparent background but can't find where to put the code provided in the FAQ.

I used iPhoto to assemble the gallery and then placed SimpleViewer in a GoLive web page

I would like to change the blue background to white or leave it transparent but I can't seem to find where. There is no index.html page since it is in a GoLive page so I can't edit that.

Thanks for your help.

Re: Transparent Background from iPhoto

you can use this line in the xml code:


this was the good part, now the bad part

this works onlin under IE, because wmode is some weird MS function that is suported ONLY under IE and all other IE based browsers.
This is one of the features that definately is missing in this gallery although it is really cool. Anyway if you want to place a backgound in the gallery, instead of looking only at one colour, you will need the source and implement in under flash.
I am not sure if this issue was fixed with the newest version 1.8.

and add in the html. file

<para name="wmode" value="transparent"/>


Re: Transparent Background from iPhoto

To make your viewer have a transparent background, check Q19 in the FAQ: … r/faq.html

Also, SV v1.8 supports loading an image or swf as a background image, check the XML options here: … tions.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.