Topic: using existing files from free viewer to simpleviwer-pro

i have purchased simple viewer-pro. i decided to do so, so i could get rid of the download link  is there a simple  way to transfer or change over? i have a site up with multiple galleries and don;t want to have to re-build it all. or should i simply copy/paste pro files to replace existing files in all my subfolders? then somehow go into the source code and delete the download link of simpleviewer?

could someone please let me know if i am headed in the right direction.

also .. am using the free autoviewer and was wondering if i could use different fonts in the title/captions??


Re: using existing files from free viewer to simpleviwer-pro

To upgrade existing SimpleViewer galleries to SimpleViewer-Pro, you just need to replace the viewer.swf in your exisiting gallery folders with the one that came in the Pro download (at webviewer.swf)

Check the documentation section 4: … ation.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.