Topic: Adding logos or links to page

I just got started doing web stuff and using Simple Viewer and the Photoshop script.

After creating the page and viewing it I'd like to

• Add my logo on the page
• Add links to other galleries and pages on the top or side

Is there a way to at least add ones logo? do I need the Pro version to add such graphics?

I have created 4 galleries, and would like to have each gallery accessible via a link from any of the pages.

Any advice is appreciated, and would I need to take my gallery folders from simple viewer and start using aother app?

Thanks all

Re: Adding logos or links to page

You can use headers and footers to add stuff. See my pages as an example. If you "view Source" you should be able to see how the index.html is written.


Re: Adding logos or links to page

Thanks for the help.
I'm looking at the source and will go from there.

Much appreciated.