Topic: image size in flash embeded example

Hi, I am using the flash embeded example, and can't seem to increase the size of my images more than about 650. I want my images to be about 700 x 500.

Question: in the multiple_galleries.fla example under flash embed examples, there is a global stage width and height...If I set it to 700 it doesn't do anything, as well as increase the size of the loader on the stage.

How to make my images bigger?

Re: image size in flash embeded example

Need a response! Anyone use the multiple gallery option and can't make the images very large??

Re: image size in flash embeded example

Set the height and width in the actionscript at the top of the 'code' layer. Use  _global.AVStageWidth and _global.AVStageHeight. Don't resize the mcLoader symbol.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: image size in flash embeded example

I got the same Problem, but setting _global.AVStageWidth and _global.AVStageHeight to propper Values of the Container still doesn´t Scale the viewer right. Also I recognised the actual heigt after a gallery is loaded is very big. I got an auto resizer on the Page an it goes by stage.height so everything is streched after loading the gallery and resizing . Is there any way to reduce the heigth after the gallery is loaded? Can I remove the caption for more space to scale the Simpleviewer up?
THX in advance