Topic: Help - SimpleViewer requires the Flash Player

I have had Simple Viewer Pro running on my site now for several years, without a hitch. Recently I got a email from someone trying to look at the site and was told that they weren’t able to see anything and got a message saying SimpleViewer requires the Flash Player.

So I took a look and got the same message, using several browsers, and all had the same problem. And the version of flash on my computers is up to date.

I have not made any modifications to this site for sometime, is there an update to Simple Viewer that I missed?? Or could it be something else?

I wanted to post the site, but since I just opened this account I am unable to.

Thanks for the advice

Re: Help - SimpleViewer requires the Flash Player

please check the FAQ, Q1: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Help - SimpleViewer requires the Flash Player

Hi I'm having a problem getting the page to show my photos. When I do it in Picasa it stated "SimpleViewer requires Macromedia Flash". I know that I'm running the latest version of flash because the demo works fine. I just recently downloaded the viewer so I don't see how I could be using the wrong version but yet in still I went to Q1 of the FAQ and did what it stated there. I'm not having luck with that either. Are there only certain files that I'm suppsed to be using on that Q1 of the FAQ? Can someone please assist?